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Department 4 - with over 8 years export experience of non-ferrous metal, our main product are aluminum coils, aluminum foils, aluminum sheets (mill finished, with surface treatment and coated), besides aluminum, we also do export of tantalum, titanium, stainless steel, tinplate etc. Our products are sold to countries like Italy, France, Spain, Australia, India, Korea, Ukraine, Belorussia etc. 
Total amount of aluminum for export is over 10000 tons per year. The product for export includes:
Series 8, such as 8011 for PP caps .
Series 3, such as 3105 for PP caps and 3003,3004, 3105 etc. for aluminum composite panel and coating.
Series 1, such as 1050,1060, 1100 etc.
Series 5, such as 5052 ,5182, for cans. .

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